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Most of us think of car care maintenance as mechanics twisting spanners at the local service centre, however, there are some things you need to do for your car that are simple and will extend the life of your car as well as save you money.


Car Care Tips & Looking after your car

- Warm engine up for a few minutes before driving off

- Check engine oil levels regularly

- Check tyre pressures regularly

- Check battery water levels

- Make sure radiator water levels are correct

- Regularly wash, wax and vacuum your car

- Check brakelights, numberplate lights and indicator lights regularly

- Ensure all headlights are working correctly on both high and low beam


How to Find a Good Repair Shop

- Shop around for an Auto Repair Facility before you need repairs.

- Shop around for an Auto Repair Facility before you need repairs.

- Ask the NRMA or MTA for a list of repair shops in your area

- Look for signs that the repair facility is reputable eg NRMA Authorised, MTA. Ensure they have the correct equipment to diagnose faults. Most cars are computer controlled so the repair facility should have some sort of diagnostic equipment to diagnose problems




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